About Us

Our History

The Turnport Trailer, has been manufactured since 1978 and was designed originally for the farm implements of the day which was 6 row and 8 row equipment. Upon the arrival of 12 row implements, the original design was completely redesigned for better operation and upgraded to accommodate heavier loads.

We began in a small farm shop which we quickly outgrew. We expanded our manufacturing facility to accommodate the ever increase in business. The total shop area on the premises, containing three buildings, is now over 17,000 square feet. We have added a new addition to our shop containing 11,500 square feet and with the total of 28,500 square feet.


Quality Trailers

For more than 25 years, Turnport Trailers has been synonymous with heavy duty, professional-grade quality trailers. We understand the rigors that our units are put through each and every day.

Our trailers are constructed of the best parts and components due to our unparalleled knowledge of the market. Not only do we understand our customers, but we use the trailers each and every day. So we know what it means to have a trailer that works with you while you drive and while you work.

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